About Capital City Colonials

Capital City Colonials was established to share with residents and visitors alike, the wealth of history in the city of Annapolis, Maryland. The city of Annapolis holds so many treasures, several that are not easily located or open to the public. The idea to open these opportunities to more people evolved gradually as founder, Susan Denis, engaged in more and more conversations with locals and visitors to her Bed & Breakfast.

Partner David Smith worked at nearby historic London Town doing children's history programs and plays, and touring school groups in Annapolis. Together they began organizing different Annapolis theme tours that the public soon picked up on.

Leading the team is Jeff Swedarsky, highly regarded in the culinary tourism industry, Swedarsky has built a fast growing network of food tour companies throughout the United States. He is also a history and architecture enthusiast, and is excited to join the Capital City Colonials team.

Our goal is to share knowledge of these treasures by telling and showing the history to travelers and local explorers. We have designed tours to take you off the beaten path and into private homes, small museums, and the back streets. And most of all, to have fun doing it.

The Faces of Capital City Colonials

Squire David
~ Squire David
Mistress Susan
~ Mistress Susan
Squire Howard
~ Squire Howard
Mistress Mary
~ Mistress Mary
Squire Gary
~ Squire Gary
~ Mistress Carolyn
Squire Marcos
~ Squire Marcos
Mistress Kelsey
~ Mistress Kelsey
Squire dan
~ Squire Dan
Mistress Rose
~ Mistress Rose
Squire Robbie
~ Squire Robbie
Mistress Sue
~ Mistress Sue